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Green and red

Green and red



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I cropped out the sky, which was very bright and wonder if that

leaves this picture with too much green. Also wonder about the

exposure. Picture was taken in early afternoon on a sunny day, so

the lighting was very difficult.


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Hi Keith, I was drawn to this shot when I first look at the collection up for critique.. Saw your name and decided to say hey. I like the idea and the shock of pink in the lower portion of this print. Probably good that you cropped out the sky.. My thought is that you've got some tough contrast there as some of the image is in sun and some in light... My idea would be to go back on a bright, but overcast day and shoot it in softer lush light. -- or, backlit with the sun coming through the leaves. Nice going.
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Yes, it's very green, and that's just the way I like it. The splash of red with the reflection in the green water is inspired.


I like it - I think it would do very nice on my bedroom wall.


You did well to crop out the sky, and focus just on the colors. You could perhaps focus even more by cropping a couple of millimetres from the right side: in the lower half there seems to be a shortage of green?


Exposure is a little hard to judge exactly but appears spot-on.


Somebody suggested more diffuse lighting (read: a grey, overcast day). I take the point, and sort of agree. My only concern is that in the current composition the dark shadow separates the green water from the green foilage, and I'd hate to see that separation go.


Well done! you are not a bad craftsman at all :-)

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