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Morning Light Macro
© @M.L.Whitten

Morning Light Macro (marigold)


manual focus,spot metered,white balance, f4.8,1/415 second, ISO-80


© @M.L.Whitten


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A marigold in my garden, the first rays of light on this morning

peeked thru the trees and gave luminance to the little bloom.

Sony Mavica CD-1000,f4.8, 1/415 second, ISO-80

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Very beautiful indeed. I hope other aspiring macro-ists are looking at this. Notice that this isn't looking straight down on the full flower centered in the frame with an overwhelmingly cluttered background in equally sharp focus?
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Beautiful colors and I love the composition. Were you intentionally focusing on the flower petal edges instead of the pistils? (or is it stamen? - biology was a long time ago). My eye was drawn to the pistils but it seems like they're not in as sharp focus as the petals.


BTW, I really like "Dew Drops" also!

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Wow! Nice flower macro! I liked the colours and the crispness of the petals. The placement of the flower is perfect. Good use of DOF and blurred background, but perhaps a little bit more DOF to help keep the whole thing in focus.


Please kindly comment when rating photos.

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