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Palos Verdes, California
Pacific Ocean-weathered rocks.

Palos Verdes, California Pacific Ocean-weathered rocks.


F45, Velvia, 15"


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I am from Palos Verdes, and I think you have done a great job portraying the beauty of the place. I just wish that there were more gradations in the sunset and more details in the rocks...
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of the water and the sun. I love the foreground that mirrors the sky.


Re: the previous poster's comment; I bet the jpeg just isn't showing some of the rock detail/dynamic range.

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I like this shot, very effective. I would crop out some of the bottom though since the blackness is dead space that detracts from the great scenery above though.
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I agree, JPEG compression is probably dropping lots of the detail, especially since it should be there on Velvia, right?


If it is possible, can you provide a higher resolution, higher quality JPEG? I would really like to see the photo with more detail and fewer JPEG artifacts.


Also, there seems to be a black smudge along the right margin in the upper-right corner. What is that? It does not appear to be natural...

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The black smudge on the upper right hand corner is the edge of my lens hood. This was my first outing with a 4x5 and I didnt know better. The original image has much more detail in the foreground...the secret to the photo was a .9 neutral density filter, other than that, some good luck on the weather!
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