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© John Peri 2010


John Peri


© John Peri 2010

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Jim, are you speaking of DOF, as in Depth of Fear?   I can imagine far faster ways to age that fabulous body than cigarettes.   ;-)

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 I understand the "message" that a photo can convey. In this case, the props may possibly enhance it ..

A model will look more natural when she is doing something, holding a book, a wine glass, a cigarette, whatever. A cigarette is of particular interest to me in that it can  help to emulate the cinematographic style of the 50's that I sometimes attempt (HumphreyBogart/Lauren Bacall etc.,). I don't think that any figure in a book by Alan Edgar Poe would feel at ease without one either ..

In this particular case, the photo  is for my "loneliness" file .. I was struck while staying in New York by how many isolated and consequently depressed and unhappy people there were, it is surely the case for all huge conglomerates like that. I think that fear of the unknown and the perceived imaginary dangers around us are more striking than those portrayed by a cigarette or a glass of wine .. though they may serve to increase the feeling of dependency here.

Thank you friends for your support.

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From my point of view, "loneliness" is probably the best descriptor, with a bit of "depression" also. Her pose, her black undergarments, the wineglass, the cigarette, and the use of B&W to enhance the overall contrast really do a great job of setting the "mood".   For me, the image seems  to almost scream "film noir" and, in many ways, the image personifies New York City. 


At any rate, I really like the image. My compliments to you, and your beautiful and creative model


Jim Phelps

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John !!!!...is perfect !!!!...light , thone, expression !!!!!.....the moment in a day of a woman !!

As, your eyes captured a frame in the woman life , for me this is defined, "the moment".

Full of sensuality , and sense of space !!! ..... a your great expression of the photography.

.... John Pery photogtraphy !!!!

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