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Maritime Museum at Vermillion, Ohio


Exposure was about 10 seconds at f22 using a Lee hard 0.9 NDG filter.

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Very well done Walter.  Your exposure is excellent, expert use of fill, fantastic depth of field, subject matter to "die for", and colors that are vibrant and rich...  What more could you ask for.  The close anchor is just great with the lighthouse beyond.  Wonderful, wonderful work!

If you don't mind, I would like to ask a related question?  Though it may not have worked on this exposure, secondary to the white upper structure of the lighthouse, have you ever used an amber filter on your flash to more closely mimic ambient sunset light.  It is a thought I have had recently, and wonder if anyone has any experience?

Thank you for sharing your work.  Best regards...


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This stunning.  The composition is excellent and you have certainly obeyed the "rule of thirds".  I especially like your point of view.  But, the first thing that catches my eye is the wonderful colors and lighting.  An awesome image that you should be proud of.  Well done.

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Lovely shot, excellent composition, the colors are amazing, I don't understand the low rate. In the other hand I find a little bit of noise on the sky, maybe you can correct that in PS, just my opinion. Congrats. 6

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Remarkable capture of well balanced light and composition, the DOF has given this fine image all of the energy it need and presented it in such high quality , the details are real fine and the sky along with its colors do add to this beautiful work.

Thank you for sharing it and wishing you all of the best.

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Walter, very nice picture, the lighthouse and the anchor make an excellent perspective, amazing colorful, especially in the sky, they are very vivid. I love the clouds they have very good texture.  Congrats for this composition of sunset, it is spectacular.7

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DL, no I have not tried the amber filter on a flash, however I have used old, very large flashbulbs that are balanced for tungsten film in such situations. The effect would be the same as with the filter on electronic flash. Regards.

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The use of light in the foreground really adds that extra snap in this picture that is so often missing, really excellent. Regarding the little lighthouse, it seems tilted, is that a reality or was there some lens distortion? Best regards.

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Thanks Craig. Yes, the lighthouse in reality has a lean to it, but most of what you are seeing  is due to the wide angle lens and where I positioned the camera.  Regards.

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Walter, Just the best lighthouse scene I know of. Regardless of that, having the anchor there is a great addition, and the double theme, of the lighthouse and the light of the sunset. Terrific!

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