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Exposure Date: 2007:06:17 15:26:35;
Make: Leica Camera AG;
Model: M8 Digital Camera;
Exposure Time: 1/360.1008282319049 seconds s;
ISOSpeedRatings: ISO 160;
ExposureProgram: Other;
ExposureBiasValue: 0
MeteringMode: Other;
Flash: Flash did not fire, auto mode;
FocalLength: 0.0 mm mm;
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 Macintosh;


© Copying requires written consent of the photographer


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Salt "drawings" on a tidal zone pier in the St. Lawrence river. Part of a series of

"abstracts" called "Mineralia" that is in progress. Welcome critiques. Thanks.

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I hate to disagree with Pierre, but I find this very abstract, Too many abstracts lately are really "digital alterations" and I really love these more straight photographic abstractions.

You have a fine image here Arthur, I love the black line/white line contrast and how your whites seem ghostly or otherworldly. I shall have to revisit your portfolio to see the rest. Thanks, Michael

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Thank you, lady and gentlemen. Micheal, it was fortunate how the sea salt precipitated into the cracks in the concrete. I wish that there might have been other salt patterns, but I had to leave this area without discovering others. Once you see this sort of thing you keep loking for more and perhaps this is one of the fun things with photographing naturally occuring abstracts - the element of chance and the occasional image of ghostly contrasted lines and forms. Since shooting this I have found another sea wall close to home and will be visiting it occasionally at low tide.    

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Like Michael, I would call it an abstract. I've seen abstracts where it's even much more clear than this what the subject was.

There's an ethereal, even ghostly, quality to this that captures my imagination. The design elements integrate with an actual sense of depth and therefore a sense that the atmosphere is accessible, that I can feel what I'm looking at.

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Fred, I appreciate your comment, and look forward to reading each, whether on my work or that of another, as you have as fine an eye for other's work as that employed in creating your own. I think we agree that what we photograph is not always only what we see, but something else that the subject matter suggests. Whether related to an inanimate or animate subject, there are often other layers that fascinate us. 

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This is exceptionally beautiful. I hope it's been well printed. Send it to me somehow and I'll try. The warmth of the concrete contrasts nicely with subtle perhaps-blues in the transition area between the crusty stuff and the seeming-clouds or feathers.


It is what it is, not "an" anything else (not an "abstract") and from me it evokes curiosity and fascination, as well as this compliment for noticing it and executing it so well and evidently simply.

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