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32mm extension ring (I think)

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I know this is a very popular subject, but I hope I could bring a

little bit of myself to this image. Thanks for looking, please leave

your thoughts.

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I can't really critique this, because I don't know anything about photographing plants and things, but I'll just say I like it for the incredible detail and tones. I particularly like the outlines of the agave leaf in the left background...it looks like a cave painting! Great d.o.f.
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Jim, that makes two of us. I am fascinated by this plants that are ubiquitous in Mexico and thought I would give it a try... I thought of you and asked it to look directly into the lens. Nut it would not listen...


What I can say, there are so many micro landscapes in the suculents in general that it is worth to look for them.

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Great composition. Lovely tones. I think I want my medium format camera back. It couldn't do this, though...maybe I need a better one...don't tell my wife. :-)
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It is always a pleasure to have you as visitors.


Robert, I still envy your LF equipment and the details that you can get with it. Imagine this image with your camera... On the other hand, there are always good excuses to get more equipment. There is probably no such thing as too many cameras if you use them all. You would probably convince your wife with a bit of paicence and a lot of good MF portraits of her ;-)

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