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Fog subtly lifting


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On my trips down south to visit my fiance's family, I always find myself

waking up before everyone - I think it has something to do with EST

being ingrained into me - but still. On this particular morning there was

a heavy fog about, which lent to some interesting shots. This particular

shot I had my 300 f/4 attached, I saw this tree off in a neighbor's field

and captured what you see. Would like to know your thoughts, your

visit is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Beautiful image Jennifer. Simple and nicely balanced composition and the mist adds both the simplicity of the background but a sense of atmosphere. If there were to be anything I might consider it would probably be to slightly bring out the colours and contrast in the tree, but it would have to be subtle or it might look out of place.
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Hi from Europe, Jennifer,

A nice image, nice composed and good atmosphere you could inspire there.The mist effect looks to be in the far distance but it´s ok. I miss in the image: some balance of hot colors (orange, yellow (just very shy in the grass down of the image), light red or yellow-green), some balance of light-shadow. That object down the tree would help (I do not know what it is), because it is red, but it is too small and thin.There is an interesting list of lonely trees in Forums - No Word forums - and put the words "tree zuhaitz", that I began this year. Take a look if you like lonely trees images. Hope to see your images soon. Bye. Josemi Gondra.

P.D.: I always try to do some critique in all photos, but sometimes the originalty is the best thing. And I like these images, not "classical" where only one or two colors (apart from black-white and the scale of greys) appear, in your case, the most photo is only green.

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