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A commenter above remarked that this appeared almost abstract,but to me, at least in thumbnail, this appears almost 'impressionist'. The effect disappears a little when it's blown up a little and I wonder if a little Gaussian blur to the foregound might help the interesting effect because the foreground's sharpest, but the sharpness doesn't appear to 'help' this particular capture (which is unusual).


Generally I'm against Photoshopping at all, but the effect in thumbnail is quite interesting, however the photo with its detailed foreground does not show so well full-size, which is the root of my suggestion. Perhaps use the 'gradient' tool to bring in a little Gaussian blur to the foreground.


Or not as you choose. I don't do such things to my photos, so why should I tell you do so. ;~))


In any case, it's a very good and appealing photo.


(not rated)


John (Crosley)

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Joaquim, John, thank you for the comments.

This photo is made with the Lumix, and I don't like the digital frame, it is so crudely. It always between ever frame and mostly I (aaahhhhhhh) crop it a little bit.

The camera is good for his kind, but you only have the LCD to look at and that is not so clever in the sun. So I do my best to pick the right framing if I use this camera. And this time I had no choice. No time to grab the F5, they walked so fast.

You can see it by the dust that is in the air.

with regards


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Rita, it was some kind of mess. There were so many of them. Eating and fast walking, it was great to see it.

Thank you for comment.

with regards

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