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...in the city of blinding lights.


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somewhere in vegas, a very up close look at those blinding lights.....Part of a random series

of up close moments with well known subjects. Thank you in advance for all you comments.

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juan carlos, a lot of the postings in this category don't really belong in the abstract category. However, yours certainly does. You had me thinking on this one. Really nice form, texture and color. Although I knew it was not the vertebrae, that was what it reminded me of. I like it! - Maria
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What`s good and what`s hard to recognize any "meaning" of,,we`r the negative

of what we exclude!,,have no meaning of,,cant see ? Hard for me to find the love

this time Juan,,, maybe surfing on an other wave,,right now ;)..,re niels

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This portion of this image is more than abstract we don't locate the element,Because we don't have any reference,therefore it's impossible to understand what kind of material/element/thing is this...but I like too much.this is an extrange job,I don't have any doubt
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Maria- thank you for commenting, what I really wanted was to make people wonder about this for a while, this "light wall" is such a complex and intriguing texture that just to think about what could be done with it was way to much fun.


Niels- Thanks for expressing your thoughts so honestly, I understand what you're saying; I never intended this to be figurative or something with much meaning to it, mainly I was striving for something that both pleased the eye and made the mind wonder.


Joseph - As always, thank you for giving my work some of your time, I'm flattered.


Mario- Como siempre un verdadero placer tenerte de vistia; cuando subo ciertas imagenes siempre estoy pensando en algunas personas de las que me gustaria conocer su opinion, en particular este caso me interesaba leer tu opinion. Me halaga que te guste esta foto, se que mas parece una pintura abstracta que una imagen de cualquier objeto real.


As to what this is, you may see in the picture attached, that this a glass sandwich filled with led lights, which also has a curtain of water running in between both glasses, in this particular photo I've focused on the line where one glass ends to meet the next one, thus the change in colors and textures........I'll be posting more of this place in the future.



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Very interesting image, i also love the title. Makes my mind wonder around your vision. I think that the key element for me is the graphic way how you presented it, looks more cartoon than real life. Waves and diagonal lines pushes nicely each others to work harder. Nice work Juan.
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in your attachment, i can see beautiful colors and texture. very interesting and original experiment. have fun. regards.
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