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As Emilia said, beautiful colors and great depth of field. The colors of the subject are beautifully brought out by the color of the background - it looks like the subject on its own is pretty blandly colored, but with the bright background, it is imbued with more life. The depth of field is particularly impressive to me, as all of the... blossoms? what are those? are in crisp focus and everything else goes soft, despite their appearance of relative distance. That leads me to believe that the soft focus was at least partially photoshopped? In any case, very effectively and interestingly done.
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Soft focus was not photoshopped at all, that was old- analog lens Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.8/50 fited to camera by special connector M-42, very low diaphragm number (1.8f) gives that type of effect - soft focus (blurred background). Thanks :)

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I know about that, it just looked to me like the blossom things were far enough apart from that they wouldn't fall in the same [clearly narrow] depth of field that your wide aperture provided. (Incidentally, I'm jealous that you have a lens like that, I can't find a fast lens for a reasonable price anywhere!)
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Spectacular beauty, a fantastic picture, it passes an excellent sharpness to a pleasant blur. Congratulations. Best wishes. Vicente.

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