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Strength your life depends on it.


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Ya know...about that pucker factor...had I just asked my hubby I would have known...when I told him about it later he said "oh yeah...it's a common military thing"..sheesh...we didn't do "PF" in the nursing world of the AF! :)
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Thanks everybody for all the kind comments on this image, I think it could of been a bit sharper at the edges maybe if I stopped down a couple f stops it would of sorted it out.
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Richard, This is a nicely present symbol of life. I used it when teaching leadership as a symbol of teamwork. I like the way you have the cords angled in the frame. Well done.
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I.m not sure I would have my life depend on this little thing..... I'm thinking the "strength" is more in the person relying on this than the "thing" itself......
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Jan, I think you need confidence in your equipment so you can trust it with your life. The equipment needs to be strong as the forces involved in a leader fall are considerable which is where strength comes into it. Every piece of climbing equipment is marked with its strength in kilo Newtons this crab is 28KN or 12KN cross loaded. This image is actually the wrong one as the strength rating is on the other side!!!!!!!. The slings are rated 22KN each not sure about the cord its actually 8mm static cord not my climbing rope I was to lazy to get it out. Anyway this rig is not something you would usually use while rock climbing the knot is an Italian hitch (munter hitch in America) normally you would use a belay device with the climber being part of the system but I felt it made the image to complex. So used this friction knot on a direct belay instead.




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My son would know what you're talking about - but I don't have a clue! A rock climber might have called you on this also then eh! hahaha - well it certainly makes for a beautiful composition! Kilo-Newton would be proud! hahaha
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Great symbol of strength! Makes me nervous, seeing the little bit of fringing on the upper straps!! I would like to see the bottom rope tighter. I had to play with this. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome but thought I'd throw it in just incase it gave you any other ideas, you never know! Nice work!



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Thanks very much Anthony your version it looks great. I think maybe a nice new crab would of looked better but new know they don't look new for long. sorry I missed your image but have just been to crit it. Rich.
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Wow Richard! Not what I would expect from you at all! It's amazing! Nice still life, wonderful colours... and no, I wouldn't trust this thingy with my life... lol. You really stepped out of the box on this one!
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