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Strength your life depends on it.


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Great symbolism, Richard. To be pulled from all directions, yet remaining strong and not breaking. In a literal sense, it can save your life when climbing. Very well composed and the exposure is great.
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Excellent interpretation of strength Richard. Simple composition, great technique. The image plus the title make the point very clear. I'm not a technical climber - just a hiker - but I've watched people do it and the pucker-factor is quite high.
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We used to call these clips "carribeaners" in the tree work field, I imagine that you climb much bigger things with them!


I like clean & classic shots like this and I am sure that any climbing enthusiast would love this for its straightforward charm.

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Richard, very creative indeed. I just love the details and colours. Above all, the title is just perfect.



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Yay Richard! You done it! You done it good! The colour and focus and composition of the ropes and caribeaner is great! Boy - strength for sure! Very cool shot! So is everybody uploading tonight?
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Guest Guest


Great combination of literal symbolism and abstract design. The composition carries me out of the frame to imagine what is being held by the strength of this device.
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Richard, as a climber myself, I can appreciate this. I thought of taking a picture of my rope to express strength. I went in a very different direction though. I'll upload soon. Regards, Oliver
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WOW! ~ the blues and reds and yellows are so clear and sharp.


This is a great photo of STRENGTH and it better be strong! Very well done!

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Excellent idea, Richard. Very simple and clean and bold. I love the colors and composition. Great representation of Strength.
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This should be an Ad!!! Technically wonderful and spot on for Strength. I love that you went a whole different way with this. - Lyndsay
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Just to watch climbers going up El Capitan gives me the PF of about 10... Now, repelling, only about a 1 or 2....

Great mechanical interpretation of the assignment that was well met. Technically, not much here to pick on....I'd like to see this tack sharp, but that's just me. Did you use any form of sharpening here?

Another assignment done well. This weeks bunch on the whole has been awesome....

~~Gray Beard

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Excellent Contrast of colours.

Like the different angles.

The light is nice and there are good details on the ropes.

Good take on the title.



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What a terrific symbol of strength. To think that human's hang from mountains held only by the apparatus shown here, is mind boggling. Nicely done too.
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I was really looking forward to see what you would come up with for this weeks title (being as you mostly do Landscapes)


You did not disapoint. It is a well concieved and beautifully created image.


I do agree that I would love to have seen it VERY sharp.


Great job!

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The PF is the scarry things that will tighten the cheeks of one's buttocks soooooooo tight, you can hang on to a cliff WITHOUT the ropes........your butt will keep you there....
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I know its been said and that is what I get for being late...Love the vivid colors w/black backgound. And yes this does represent STRENGTH very well. Good job. Leanna;o0
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Very good capture and composition, with excellent colors and details. I can understand very well the meaning of this image as a sailor that I am.
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