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© Any reproduction of this image without the written consent of the originating photographer is strictly forbidden

My Mother-In-Law's Flowers



© Any reproduction of this image without the written consent of the originating photographer is strictly forbidden

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I don't think it's too busy, there is sufficiently high colour contrast and adequately low DoF to make the main subjects stand out. The lighter spot just above the left-hand flower might be regarded as slightly distracting, but it's a minor flaw, if at all.


Just MHO.


Aesthetically very pleasing shot. Regards, Tomasz

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Not to busy, I think it ads a little touch, it's just the three white spots I would try to darken a little with help of Photoshop. But still think it's a great shot.



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Why not ratable?! Ha! I won't give up fighting for my rights that easily!

Good colors, composition in reagrd of the position of the flowers, even the bright areas should be there! Only the red blurred spot on the left doesn't have any role?!

this one was heavily attacked by the Googies!

Help, help, help!

Cheers to the Googies!


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I think they are called red hot pokers?? VEry nice composition and I don't think the background is too busy at all - well that's my take on it anyway. I often see these images of flowers with the background completely blurred out and it holds no interest. Or some prefer to see the flower with no stem or foliage - just hanging there in the twighlight zone. I like to see flowers firmly "grounded". I think you did a fine job of these things. And I bet you got bonus points from your Mother-in-law too.
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Nice use of contrasting colors. I could wish for a more blurred background that would wipe out the light spots in the background to a softer blur with perhaps a sharper focus on the flower in the front left corner.


For some odd reason I want to wish this was a vertical shot showing more of the flowers or perhaps a third flower. But I am just rambling. Its a pleasure to view.



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