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I like the contrast of her pink skin with the blue cloth. Nice detail. Interesting crop that works well.
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There is a person that rated this photo 4-4, wow it just go's to show how much people understand photography.

My friend this photograph is nothing short of a master pice.

Very well done.

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I's a real winner - congrats!

I just double Minush' comment - it's amazing, how ratings vary sometimes. This of course is not a 4/4 but a 6/6 at least (a 7/7 to me).


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I like it very much - pretty colors and model, composition, balance - everything is super. Besides, I never got such a sharp picture with this lens (18-70dx).
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Guest Guest


Wonderful crop and model dear Mehmet :) Love it.

Only why didn`t you blur also the part of the scarf next to the eye? but that is really minor dear Friend!



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That was the first thing I noticed as well. besides that I love how the blue scart compliments the model's eye.
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I think it would look unrealistic if that part of the scarf was blurred because it is level with the eye, which is in focus. It would then be apparent it had been blurred in PS. The image is wonderful as it is.
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Hannah, that was exactly my intention... To give it a more realistic DOF feal.. But I couldnt decide at the end.. It looked good both ways... Thanks so much for everyone for their most valuable inputs..
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