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I'm looking for ways to improve this photo. Thank you for your time

and consideration.

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this is a beautiful portrait...you captured a wonderful expression on her face, i like the pose and the brick wall...wanna touch it up? I suggest, take out the scar above her left eyebrow...Good work!
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Thank you. It's actually a beauty mark :-)

I shot over 200 photos of her that day. This is the only shot where I posed her.

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I'm a total newb at this ... but she's more beautiful than you're making her. Of all the shots of her, this one has some interesting facial lighting ... but otherwise her expressions seem disengaged. Maybe the age gap is making her uninvolved? Maybe shooting her while a good friend is nearby my help? You're getting close to capturing her. Shoot another 200. :)
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How could you possibly know what "captures" this person? If you're dissatisfied that she isn't smiling with glee and staring into the lens you've missed the point. This image was chosen for the way it captures the model's essence at a specific moment in her life. As for the fact that she is more beautiful than my photos make her, you're absolutely correct. Hundreds of images later, I still haven't taken a perfect photo of her. When I get it right, I'll let you know. Also, I attached a photo of her posing with a friend. She looks more involved. Good tip.

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Sorry for my sloppy writing skills. I'll re-emphasize "close" ... meaning that I really like this photo. And by "shoot another 200" I was trying in my crude way to encourage you and the young lady to post more.
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Her expression [especially in this shot] is what caught my eyes while I was screening thru the thumbnails. Very good capture indeed.

~ Julius

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