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Benito (Comedor Maria Teresa)


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This is Benito, he is a waiter of the "Comedor Maria Teresa" in the

"20 de Noviembre" market (City of Oaxaca)... We only met friendly and

interesting people during our trip, but Benito was also quite a

character. He had a lot of personality and I am happy that he let me

take his portrait.


BTW, if you ever go to Oaxaca, forget about the restaurants. Markets

are the place to have breackfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

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Great portrait that has enough room to play around with the cropping. I'd be tempted to take a little off the right. The beam is a big detraction and distraction for me, but when you are taking a shot like this sometimes you don't realize these things until later. Great lighting and mood though.
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for your comments.

Milo: I dont know to what beam you are refering to (the florescence tube?). As for the framing: I admit that a lot of times a picture can be improved (even greatly improved) by a carefull crop. However, that is always a matter of taste. I really like how this one looks in full frame, but I know that it will be a point for discussion (and I appreciate discussions ;-)). Thanks again for your thoughts. Alejandro

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Hi Alejandro, I was referring to the wooden beam or post behind the left shoulder. Yes, of course the composition and cropping is purely subjective

and the ultimate judge of the image is your own reaction to it. I tend to react on an instinctive level and this composition just feels a little off balance for me personally. The wooden post may have something to do with it, especially since that has a bit of of tilt to the left. Still an enjoyable image though. Well done.

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Milo: mmhh... interesting, now that you mention it, I do not think that I realized that the post was tilt until you wrote it. Guess that I was too much into making the composition arround him, that I forgot about other details. He probably made a stronger impression to me than he did to you ;-)

Thanks Alon, is good to be back and meet old friends.

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Hello Alejandro.


Benito shows a lot of dignity in this picture. He seems to be a hard worker and a no-nonsense guy.


The pole does not bother because his face was so strong that I did not notice it.



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There is nothing about this I do not like. I especially like his hands. Your usual outstanding work.
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Good to have you here, and thanks for the comment. I specifically told him to look at you in the eyes when I made the picture... I'm kiding, I am very bad for posing people. It is just his personality. But I do think of you in the portraits when a subject looks directly into the lens.
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good composition and expression, for me he has an "androgenous" face and that makes this portrait even more interesting


gracias por tus comentarios :)



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I am happy you like it and yes, a very interesting face that goes well with his personality.


How could I not comment on your images, I find them... beautiful, interesting... no word really seems to fit, but you get the point. ;-)


Gracias por la visita, Alejandro

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