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Makina 670 Owner & Tech/Repair manuals wanted


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My father has just bought a Makina 670 on ebay after having his 67

stolen and is looking for both an owner's guide and a technical

repair type guide. Ideally a pdf or similar but would be happy with a

photocopy if you can help out. Thanks in advance. Also he is having

problems getting the light meter to function, any hints would be


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I have used a Makina Plaubel 670 but not a 67. From what I have read the operation should be very similar. One difference is that the 670 takes 120 or 220 film. Be sure that the film pressure plate is in the correct position, depending on 120 or 220.


The light meter is simple to use. Batteries go into the compartment on the side of the lens. You push the small button on the back and the meter is activated, turning on the appropriate LED. The meter functions with a fairly narrow field of view, in the direction of being a spot meter. It is not a through-the-lens meter, but rather uses one of the windows on the camera body. If the batteries are correctly in and no LED illuminates when the button is pushed, the wiring between the lens and the body is probably broken.

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