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Does Linhof have a 'topless' 23 camera in its early age?


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It seems the info on the baby Linhof is rather foggy. Can anyone

convince me if early Tech. 23 (not 45), has a version (or two)

without the RF and with a Grafloc back housing? If yes, what is a

fair running price? The longer bellow of Linhof is really attractive

to me. I am thinking to get one over the Horseman VH. What do you

think? Thanks in advance!



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John refers to the "Studienkamera 70" or study camera 70 which is a Technika 70 without rangefinder and metering. This model appears to be the latest 2x3 Technika without rangefinder. Its production stopped in the early 70s. I recently acquired such a model and can say that it is a pleasure to use this camera. I think there were earlier 2x3 Technikas without rangefinder as well.
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The are two early Tech 23 without the RF. The first is the "Study" and the second is the "Study 70". The "Study" is a one same as the IV model but without the RF and the "Study 70" is the model same as the V. From a user point of view the Study 70 is the best because you can use all the current accessories. But the worse thing is that the 4 plastic hook that hold the back into the camera body was often found to be broken. This never happen on the Study model with metal hooks. I brought my Study for $400 (reasonable price) and Study 70 for $1200 (which is expensive I guess). You can check with Midwest Photo for their update price.
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Edward: You are right when you mention the problem with the plastic hooks of the Study 70. Actually, they are broken (and removed) on my Study 70 as well. Yesterday I visited Linhof in Munich and I was told that there are no replacement parts available for these hooks. They belong to those parts of the camera which are not exchangeable with the 6x9 Super-Technika V (which, unfortunately, is no longer in production). When the Linhof service persons encounter such a problem they remove the hooks. However, you do not loose any functionality of the camera because you still can tighten the back with the help of the four screws. This works so well that I had not noticed the missing hooks until the Linhof technician pointed out this problem to me. By the way, meeting the Linhof service people was a very nice experience. They were very friendly and spent a lot of time with me to examine my Study 70 in detail.
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  • 22 years later...

Serial Numbers 49000 - 50200 were Technika 23 III & IV cameras made without a rangefinder. 

The 23 Technika III shows up in 1951 and is only sold with the rangefinder until about 1954. From 1954 you could get the camera with or without the rangefinder. The without rangefinder version was sold for 40% less than the rangefinder version. Interestingly part of the sales pitch was you could send your camera back to Linhof and they would add the rangefinder if one paid the price difference. 

In 1956 The 23 Technika III design was refreshed as the Technika IV with mostly the same features and functions as the III - it had a few minor improvements and cosmetic
changes. The RF model was branded the Super Technika and the NORF version simply the Technika. The NORF 23 Technika IV begins about Serial Number 49500. 

In 1961 the 23 Technika Super Technika IV was replaced with the Technika 70. However the NORF version of the Technika 70 known as the Expert 70 (English)/ Studienkamera 70 (German) did not arrivel until 1964. 

With the replacement of the 23 Super Technika IV in 1961 the NORF version was rebranded the Special in English marketing and Studienkamera in German. The strap lugs are removed but otherwise the camera remains the same as the 23 Technika IV. The Special/ Studienkamera serial numbers begin about 49800. 

While it is common to see a 23 III or IV with the added rangefinder mod, I have not seen an Special/ Studienkamera yet with a RF.

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