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A Glow with images

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My first post was stupid. This time I am submitting two images.

Bear in mind that I had to dump a lot to get them down to a

reasonable size for posting. The originals are in RAW format and

weigh in at 28.8 MB in Photshop 7.


The image of the bookshelf has the white glow on the left but it

spills over into the rest of the picture in the larger file. It was

taken with a flash on auto and is very sharp in the original.


The image of the flowers has a pronounced yellow glow.


Thanks for your earlier replies -- I sincerely appreciate your

comments. And sorry again about not attaching the images.<div>005USz-13563084.jpg.70b216b7f680db4ea839cc2a410bf3a1.jpg</div>

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I am going to give you a totally stupid reply based on a total lack of any technoligical knowledge, but bear with me.


I just recently started using an Olympus C5050 and, with it, came the Camedia Master printing software.


I also have Photoshot 7.


Every print I make with the Olympus software is perfect. Every print I make with Photoshop 7 is horrid. I am sure that the Olympus software is designed for people like me, and that I need to enroll in college courses to understand Photoshop 7 properly.


Is there an easier dedicate printing software that came with your camera?


From my perspective, not knowing much of anything about high powered programs like Photoshop, my Camedia Master software is perfection incarnate, every time. I never have the problems shown in your photos.


You might want to try something a bit more simple to start.


The attached photo is a full frame made with the Olympus C5050. The Golden Gate Bridge was in high fog and the boats in the foreground were in bright sun. There is no glow or flare. I used the Camera's softwate...not Photoshop.

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Fouled up again! I answered directly so for the thread here's a synopsis:


The software I'm using to convert the images to JPG or TIF is the one which came with the camera.


The flash wasn't on slow synchro and the first picture was 1/60 at f/4. At high magnifaction of the original image (28.8 MB) it appears that a white veil is over the picture. The other was outdoors without flash. The yellow glow is so heavy that it obscures some of the individual blooms.

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Have you cleaned the lens? I'm put in mind of either flare or just plain "soft focus" effect.


It is possible in the flowers that you overexposed, but I'm not sure that's what the problem is. It looks much more to me like where the light is strong you get "the glow", and I believe that would happen if you had some oil or something like that on the lens.

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Just a thought - could it be that you are seeing the effects of UV on the objects? I know that most flowers fluoresce in daylight. Many white objects have pigments incorporated into them to "whiten " them and thereby also glow from existing UV light.
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Thanks!!! It was the lens. How stupid of me. There was an oily film on the lens which had escaped my vision.


I sincerely appreciate your replies. That is why Photo.net is so very valuable to all of us. Thanks again.



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