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Pentax Optio S vs Canon PowerShot S400

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I was wondering what peoples opinions are on which is an overall

better point-and-shoot camera, and why. I recently purchased an Optio

S but noticed there is quite a huge amount of distortion (barrel

distortion?) in the pictures so I am returning it, and am wondering

if upgrading to the S400 would be a better move.


I heard the S400 takes much better pictures than the Optio S. I've

also seen that the S400 takes much better quality and longer mini-

movies than the Optio S which is something I like.


Things that would concern me are:


- focusing time in low light. The S400 has that focus assist beam

thing. In low light, how long does it take to focus with it on, and

with it off?


- shutter lag (after focus lock)... the Optios is very good (IMHO)...

well, except for the fact that is does a double flash.. it would be

much better if it was a single flash so there wasnt as much lag. But

in macro mode where it only flashes once, or when the flash is off,

it's pretty much instant, which is great.


- will it still take the picture if it cant lock on a focus? the

Optios S will when taking normal pictures, but wont in macro mode.


- how much heavier and clunkier is it than the Optio S... I love the

size and weight of the Optio S... the best that's available at any

local store here (IMHO).



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Having had a s110 and now a s200, I can vouch for the image quality of the small Canon cameras (as much image quality as you are going to get out of a P&S camera anyway).


SHutter lag isn't going to be great on any of the small digital cameras. The Canons are middle of the pack in my opinion. the s400 is a bigish pocket size. And the s-series is mostly all metal, so it's kind of heavy. that having been said, I carry my s200 in my pocket all the time.

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