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Sigma 15mm on Canon 10D

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I know there is the 1.6x factor with lenses on the Canon 10D so the

full frame fisheye Sigma 15mm lens should act as a 24mm lens. What

happens to the 180 degree field of view? Does the captured image

display without fisheye characteristics in full frame?

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On my d30 (same 1.6x factor) the images had about the same FOV as a 20mm lens. This is due to the fact that a 15mm fisheye lens has a larger FOV than a 15mm non-fisheye lens. The fisheye's is the already mentioned 180 degrees, and a non-fish 15's is aprox 110 degrees. The 15mm fisheye creates an image with a decent ammount of corner "bending" distortion. But not nearly as much as the fisheye lens does on a film SLR.
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I'd agree with Josh. You get a horizontal field of view about the same as that of a 20mm lens on 35mm film (which is about 85 degrees), though with moderate fisheye distortion. The distortion means you get a diagonal field of view greater than a 20mm lens on film (which is 94 degrees), but less than 180 degrees. If you look at my article on the <a href="http://www.photo.net/canon/10D/">EOS 10D</a> you'll see some shots taken with a 16mm fisheye lens. Used carefully the distortion is only there if you look for it!

<p>The distortion can be digitally corrected to some extent and with some quality loss, especially at the corners of the image as shown above.<div>005Sb0-13506584.jpg.22e28befb631c6845f821afbd0fdbd2e.jpg</div>

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