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EOS 10D Display

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Hey All,


I just purchased the EOS 10D and I can't figure out how to turn the

LCD on while shooting, as a preview screen...this sounds elementary,

but I have searched the manual a couple times now and am feeling

like an idiot...please help




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That's because you can't.


The 10D is not a point & shoot. It is an SLR. That means when you look through the

viewfinder, you are looking, via a mirror, through the actual lens. Until you click the

shutter, the mirror is blocking the sensor (just as it blocks the film in a film based

SLR). You are using a real camera now. Learn to look through the viewfinder.

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My biggest surprise in using digital P&S cameras was the ability to use the LCD screen for composition. Would not dream of using the viewfinder. The Canon G series has a flip out screen that literally allows you to perfectly compose a self portrait! Now that is COOL.


dSLR's, by contrast, seem to be made by and for the "old school" that couldn't concieve of not looking through the viewfinder. Literally, the dSLRs almost seem to be regular film SLR's with digital backs (though that is far from the truth).


On a more practical side, a digital P&S is built with the sensor open to the lens. This allows the preview screen. On a SLR, the lens comes off the camera. A removable lens represents a real dust intrusion problem. The only thing protecting the sensor is the mirror and the shutter. Neither is dust tight. The thing that you bank on is the fact that the shutter only opens for a few milliseconds only once in a while.


This is why the Canon dSLR's feature a "sensor cleaning" cabability, and the the Canon P&S's do not.




From your post, I take it that you are new to the SLR world? If so, WELCOME! You will be amazed at the quality of the 10D. You will also be amazed at how different this camera is from P&S cameras and even film SLR's.


My three 10D new user tips:


1) Go out and shoot pictures!


2) Nothing looks good right off the compact flash card. Learn about unsharp mask in PS elements!


3) It's all in the lens! You spend $1500 on a body. Expect to spend a pile of cash on the lenses. They will make or break the images.


The Canon EOS forum has a bunch of patient, friendly, knowledgable people. Check it out. (although, they are gear junkies)

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Get used to using the optical viewfinder! Unlike digital point-n-shoot cameras, SLR viewfinders are actually worth using. Nothing beats the clarity and resolution of an optical SLR viewfinder. Also, it's better for camera stability to have the camera up to your face rather than out a few inches in front of you like you might have done with a non-SLR digital camera.
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