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10D CF Format - Help !!!


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I did something I probably shouldn't have done ... I erased the

contents of my 10D formatted CF card then copied a number of jpg's

to it to view on my Pocket PC 2002 PDA. I inserted the card in the

PDA and immediately got prompted to Format which I didn't want to do

so, I said no. I couldn't view any pics, so I returned to CF to the

10D only to get Err 02. Remove and reload the card gets the same

result. The 10D manual says to format it but how do you do that if

the camera won't run with the error code?


Help !!!

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If you've got a cardreader, format it in FAT16/32 (not sure if the 10D supports FAT32 - it should, though) aka DOS format with a PC/Mac. Failing that, try reformatting it in your PPC.



Also, a few silly things to check - any moisture or dust in the sockets on the CF or the camera/PDA?

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I'd get an inexpensive USB CF card reader, stick the CF card in it, in Windows go to My Computer, find the reader, right click on it, choose format, and it'll be done.


I think it's best to format using the PC because it gives you a more comprehensive formatting of the card, meaning it erases *everything* and you end up with a fresh card.

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