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Sony Cybershot DSC S75

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I was wondering if anyone can recommend or not recommend this

camera. I'm looking for something relatively cheap primarily for

email/internet viewing of pictures (not for printing them out) and

for some manual functions as well as shutter and aperture priority.

I'm also looking for something with a good lens, not necessarily high

pixel number (resolution) since I will not be printing. I'm

impressed with the pictures I've seen with this camera - the Carl

Zeiss lens does seem very good to me. However, these cameras date

back to 2001 so its not so easy to find them especially in Canada.

Any pro's or con's to this camera from users - thanks very much!



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I had one and it was great until Shamu soaked it at SeaWorld. Now it charges my battery for my Sony F717. In the classified section here there is a listing for a DSC-S85 (4 megapixel). Most folks don't like the proprietary Sony memory cards, but these cameras do take great pictures.
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I have owned this camera for almost two years now, and it has served me well.


Since this was my first digital camera ever, I don't really have much to compare it to. I do love it. And I have printed pictures from it. I've printed up to 8x10 pretty well. :) You can take movies, which is pretty fun sometimes (when yo're kidding around with friends)... the macro shots are great.


Some things I wish I could change about it is the zoom (not enough for me! Digital zoom is fine, but I don't use it anymore because of printing reasons), slow start up time (about 3-4 seconds to "boot" when turning on the camera, so if you see a moment, and your camera isn't on.. you may miss it.. this has happened to me several times, so I kinda have to keep it on for a while), and the fact that it doesn't have a bulb setting. (I plan to move onto the Canon 10D soon)


Here are some examples of my pictures with the camera:




http://susan.surreal.nu (go to archives to view pictures)

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I have the S85 version of that camera, and it's quite good if you ask me. The photos are sharp and the camera reproduces color well. The battery life is amazing, and the controls are good and very intuitive...I was "familiar" with the camera almost right off. The lens is excellent as far as I'm concerned.


The bad points? The autofocus is extremely slow. You can focus it manually, so I usually prefocus to get rid of some of that shutter lag. The memory stick does suck but I don't think that's a reason not to buy a camera. I can get quite a few photos on a 128mb card at the highest quality setting, and when I run out of space I just dump it to a laptop. I've heard Sony has came out with a larger memory stick but my 128 cards suit me okay.


I still do my important shooting on film, and I don't think that's going to change soon. I work at a lab so film's still easy for me. If I were to quit and become a full-time photographer I think I'd get a 10d or something and definately keep the Sony as a companion camera.

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