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benq dc1500 pictures resolution

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Have a BenQ DC1500 1.3 MP camera and want to know some things:

1) how to incerease its default recording resolution of 72 dot/inch?

Is it enough to improve later the quality of pictures through


2) it has 4 types of resolution: 1600x1200 , 1280x1024 , 1024 x 768

and 640x480. Which is the best resolution to use, if I want to

improve quality of pictures (specially sharpness and color balance)

through software like photoshop or corelphotopaint?

3) it has EV feature that can be adjused at 5 positions: -2, -1, 0,

+1, and +2 EV. ¿how does it works, and when it should be modified?

Many thanks

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Hello Jorge,

<p>1. The number of 72 DPI has NOTHING to do with the resolution of the photos the camera makes. The number 72 DPI doesn't mean anything, so forget about it. The only thing that matters is how many pixels the camera records, which brings us to point 2.

<p>2. You should set it to the highest resolution, 1600x1200, to get the highest quality images.

<p>3. This is for exposure compensation. You probably rarely need to change it from its default position (0). If the light meter of the camera is tricked by difficult lighting situations (for example, you are making a photo of a sunset or backlit object) you might want to under- or overexpose and you'd need to set the EV adjustment feature.


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