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IX-Nikkors on DX format camera (D1-D100-S2)

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Ok, I know that you can't use the IX-nikkors made for APS SLRs on the

digital stuff because the lenses protrude into the body and the

mirror you hit them on the way up, but is there any reason why those

lenses could not be physically modified to prevent this ? Do they all

have optical elements in those protrisions or can you just "saw" it

off to make it work ??

I know the ix-nikkors are not the greatest lenses, but with APS on

the way down, and the lenses being disontinued, it could a good way

to get a cheap 20-60mm zoom with just the right coverage !


What do you think ?

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It really is protruding lens elements that keep you from being able to do this. Sorry.


Even if they cleared, I don't think you'd want these lenses. They have a short "back focus", an exit pupil located too close to the image plane for good performance on a digital. This causes problems like vignetting and weird color artifacts in the corners.





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