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Sony F717 and Flashes

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Hey All,


I got a Sony F717 and I'm looking to buy an external flash to put on the hot

shoe and I was wondering what flashes are compatible with it. Sony makes

two models, which both sit on the hot shoe and plug into the accessory port

on the camera. I've read on dpreview that they tested it with the 550EX but I

also read of other people having problems with that flash and the F717. Are

there any that are known to work with the F717, like a list somewhere

compiled of compatibility or any that you guys know?


Thanks in Advance!


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You do not need a Sony flash for your 717. The hot shoe is a plain (one contact) shoe. Any manual flash will work. Any automatic flash will work easier. Sample compact units: Sunpak 383, Vivitar 283 and 285HV listed in increasing physical size (same power). Note: My Sunpak has lost its manual power settings -- still works on Auto.


One warning: If you would like to use your new flash as optional slave (if you do not know what that means, stop reading here) you may wish to wait and purchase a vivitar D? 200 (sorry do not remember the exact letter next to D). It has a build in slave shoe that can be set to ignore preflash (due on sale this summer).


Hope this helps.

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I was told by a saleman that it was important to use a flash designed especially for digital cameras, because of concerns that the flash may actually damage the camera's digital components. It sounds quite possible, enough to have stopped me from purchasing one from that shop anyway. Any proof to deny or confirm such concerns?


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