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Help, M3 not working


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I just picked up an M3 (chrome) serial no. 748xxx in nearly new

physical condition with an attached 5 cm f/2 collapsable summicron

lens, Leica M meter and Leica leather fitted eveready case that are

in virtually new condition. The camera body leather is also perfect.

My cost for all these items was a grand total of $5 from a yard sale.

The camera body film advance lever will not advance and the shutter

is as if it is not wound. I do plan on sending it to Sherry Krauter

for a full service when I get the money for it. It still has the

original Leica wax seal. Any thoughts on its problem of not advancing

to the next frame? The film counter is at 43.

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Just send it off to Sherry and don't worry about it. The lube has dried out and left things frozen up. Don't force anything.


Sherry will take care of it for you. My M2 was sluggish and sticky, but it feels great now. You're ceratinly well ahead of the game, even if she finds that it needs a part or two.

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The first thing I did was to open it to check for film in it. There is no film in it. I've owned six other M cameras over the last 10 or 12 years, M4's M4-2, M6's. My favorites were the M4's. Had to sell it all when I was laid off work for 10 months. I'm working now however. Anyway, I do plan to send it off to either Sherry or DAG for a complete CLA & repair. My last M4 was serviced by DAG prior to my ownership. I don't quite remember what initial DAG stamps into the wax seal, but it was his. I knew what it was at the time, but have since forgotten. Will someone please let me know how to contact either DAG or Sherry. Thanks :-)
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