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Why no Eye Control on DSLR's?

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I have found that the eye control is very acurate on the canon

eos 3 Film body. I use it every time I shoot, and am very use to and

spoiled by it. This is the coolest feature og the eos 3 and I think

one of the best features next to the IS and USM lenses. This makes

the best use of the 45 point focusing. It is a bit too long to

manually swith through the individual points ( I did that for months

before I found out how to calibrate the eye control), and the points

that the computer chooses NEVER grab the spots that I intend. (Please

correct me if anyone has any other experiences.)

My original point is that they dont have it on any of the

digitals. (that I have used. 10d/1d.)

Seems to me that the 1d should have that since its an action

shooter's camera. I think the 1D came out before the eye control did,

but Im not sure. But what about the 10d or the 1DS??!!

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