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What is the Excellent Starting Lenses for Canon 10D and Nikon D100

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I bought Nikon D100 and I am using it with 28-105mm Nikon AF-D Lens.

The images which I got from this combination makes me cry (even in

daylight) I take the same picture with my Sony P9 (point & shoot

digital) where the image quality is Excellent. I do not want to

compromise image quality and sharpness and also i do not want to use

Adobe Photoshop to alter my Images .. I want everything to be done

with my Camera .. I appreciate if you can Suggest me Excellent

Starting Lenses for Both Nikon D100 and Canon EOS-10D Digital Camera


Thanks .. Appreciate your help


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I do not own the Nikon, but you should realize that DSLR's don't perform much in-camera sharpening as compared to a P&S. The images right out of the camera are notoriously "soft" when compared to the processing done in-camera by a P&S Sony. I hate to tell you but you should re-examine your philosophy about "(not wanting) to use Adobe Photoshop to alter my images" - I'm sorry, but this is nuts. Why would you think this is a *bad* thing to use Photoshop?! Think about it this way: How much "horsepower" do you thing the tiny processor has in that P&S camera? Not much - especially when compared to the processor in your computer. If you think your Sony's processor and its canned in-the-factory sharpening algorithms are going to give you better image quality than the skilled use of Photoshop's USM on your Nikon images, then you're sadly mistaken. You'll be buying lenses 'til you're poor as a pauper trying to fix that "problem". It's not the lens or the camera, I'm afraid. Re-examine your anti-Photoshop dogma - it's misguided. By the way - the 10D has an even *softer* image - so I wouldn't look to it or Canon's lenses to solve the "problem" either. This is done *intentionally* by the camera manufacturers who realize that the PC with Photoshop does a much better job at sharpening an image. Most things boil down to expectations and thinking "I want everything to be done with my Camera" is not a realistic expectation - particularly for a professional DSLR like the Nikon or 10D. Best wishes . . .
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Before spending more money on lenses, make some experiments first:


Download a copy of Bibble (www.bibblelabs.com) and shoot some pictures in RAW mode, and also in JPG. Compare the results. The RAW gives a noticable improvement over JPGs when decoded by Bibble! Or try Nikon's SW, and compare that, too.


Put the camera in 'A' mode, and try the lens at small and large apertures, and at different focal lengths. (I have the feeling that many zooms have a sweeter spot, maybe 1/3 of the way from the wide end, and are usually poor at the longest end. I feel my 24-85/2.8-4D is like that. The 80-200/2.8 is just great the whole way, but it is a big honking heavy pig of a lens... I digress)


Take the whitebalance out of Auto, and set it to Sunny or whatever matches your shooting situation. Change the whitebalance, and see the effect. Change the setting of the in-camera sharpening to different settings (Like 'OFF'), and compare the results. (These only apply for JPGs. For raw, the setting is just recorded beside the raw data) Try intentionally under- and overexposing.


Post some of your pictures of the same subject from both cameras, and someone will try to help. Once you're a little experienced with the D100, you should be able to make quite excellent images.

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BTW, I see from your other posts that you already have some other Nikon lenses & body. Why not make some identical shots with the same lens on film & digital, then compare? Try some other lenses on the D100 to see what the problem is....
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<p>I cant belive it. Please post some pics. You probably dont know how to operate the D100. Why do i say this? There is no way the Sony P9 captures better images than the D100 with the 28-105. Granted the 28-105 is not Nikon top dog, but is not a bad dog either.

<p>Since you ask for lenses for both the 10D and the D100, makes me suspect that you borrowed someone's D100 and used it in either auto mode or set the aperture/shutter improperly. Note that the D100/10D can be used in AUTO and still yield good pics, but the true power of the beasts lie in Aperture/Shutter/Manual modes and in some cases Program modes.

<p>I would go on a tangent and suggest that you look at the Sony F717 with a great in built zoom that would serve you better than these monsters without extra expense or learning curve.

<p>Happy shooting,<br>Gurpreet

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I must say that there must be something wrong with what you are doing with your D100, because I think that the 28-105mm AFD is a great lens.... and will definately outperform any P&S digital. Period.


You better check your camera settings before you start blaming the lens.

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