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Canon 1D White Balance Problem!!

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Hello people, I just got Canon 1D yesterday and I took a few shots

right after the battery is ready. After I review pictures on LCD

screen, I feel the color of the pictures I took are always darker

than my Canon S400, it force me have to reset the exposure to +1 or

more, do you guys feel the same way? Is it because of white balance

is incorrectly measure? I need someone to teach me and help me.

Thank you very much for solving my problem!

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I few comments:


What you are actually referring to is exposure compensation settings and not white balance settings. The white balance got nothing to do with how bright or how dark the picture is, but rather how the "false filter" in the software adjust the color balance of the picture according to the ligh source.


Secondly, the appearance of the picture on the LCD screen is not always a good indication of exposure. Rather use the histrogram with the preview image. I have never used a 1D, but on my 10D you can adjust the brightness of the image display on the LCD screen - I am sure this will be the same on the 1D.


Rather download the images to you computer and judge exposure on your computer screen (assuming it is properly calibrated).

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