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Fujifilm Finepix F700

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In March of 2003, Fuji announced the future release of Fujifilm

Finepix F700, with the 4th general CCD sensor, with 6MB pixels. I am

looking for a objective review of the camera. How is its quality? Does

it have some advanced features? How does it compare to the competition

- Canon G3, Nikon 5700, etc.? How is lens quality rated? How long is

shutter delay from when the shutter is depressed and the picture is

taken? What is the delay between pictures? Is there much noise at

higher ISO's? How is the quality of photo's - in sunlight, in subdue

light? Are there manual controls? Are they inituitive? Is this a

serious digital camera for a demanding photographer who does not want

to spend the big bucks for a DSLR at this time?



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Been out of town for a couple of days but I believe it was supposed to have been released 7/25. If that's the case, you may find reviews on the digital emphasis forums like DPreview:




or Imaging Resource:




in relatively short order. However, the release has been delayed and how much time or they've had with a "production" camera may determine how quickly they can get the reviews out as well as the time spent with other recent cameras. Unfortunately while they may have had some time with a preprod cameras, that still means they have to run the full gamut of timing and resolution tests, etc., to see what may have changed since their first glances.

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