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Telephoto Conversion Lenses on Compact Digitals...2X Tele?

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A few members of my family use Olympus C5050 cameras. This question

relates to any compact digital.


My wife is disabled and "hikes" in a four wheel electric scooter. She

can not get in close so needs more telephoto. "Digital Telephoto"

function is not satisfactory.


Through e-Bay I bought her a 2X Tele conversion lens with attaching

tube. It is a generic unit called Digital Optics. It is very well

made and has a sharp lens. However, it appears to produce more of a

1.5X than a 2X with the Olympus camera. I also bought one for me,

but it came as a Vision Optics unit. It is identical. Without the

lens, the adapter tube will handle 52mm filters and acts as a small

sun shade.


I am now looking into a Kenko 3X lens for her to get her closer to

the wildlife and plants she enjoys.


I am mystified that a 2X lens seems to produce only a 1.5 image

increase. What about the Kenko unit at 3X?


I am attaching a normal 105mm photo here and the 2X verson below.

These are fairly close images and seem to be nearer to the 2X than

infinity images...it's a mystery to me?


Any thoughts?<div>005a4H-13738784.jpg.d2dfc5f5a01e3edc01b616cf834ed910.jpg</div>

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