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Hey you guys with the f2.0's....

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I went and checked out a Canon G3 at the store today to see what

portraits would looks like wide open... unfortunately, the camera had

no card and I couldn't try it out. If anyone's got some pictures

handy (doesn't have to be portraits) taken in Av mode at f2.0 (esp on

the Canon G series), I'd love to see them. I'm trying to get an idea

of what sort of DOF to expect, what the background looks like, etc.


Is it easy to get shallow DOF?


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the depth of field is enormous on this camera, but the example picture above shows that you can blur the background if 1) the subject if fairly close to the lens, 2) you have a lot of distance between the subject and the background, and 3)you shoot wide open at the longer end of the zoom range, which will actually force the aperture to close down more, but works better. This shot was taken with a G2, zoomed all the way out (which isn't as much as the G3 zooms), and wide open at f2.5. Hope this helps!
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