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Slow shutter

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It is just you Jerry.


Kidding. Depends on the camera. But mostly yes. I have several dozen shots of my two dogs that show tails and rear ends exiting left and right to prove that shutter lag is not a myth.


Depending on the camera and the situation there are some ways to reduce it, but not necessarily to the speed of a rangefinder or even a mf SLR.


Some people put the camera in landscape mode, focus to infinity. Some half depress and get ready with focus and exposure calculation and then fire the shutter the last half. Some cameras have hispeed continuous modes, where you hold the shutter down and fire a burst of three or four shots.


I have never used a DSLR, just prosumers like Canon G2 and Nikon 5700


Maybe others can supply better tips or ideas for you.

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One main reason for shutter lag is that these cameras are

usually designed so they cannot fire until the auto focus is

locked in.


Can't speak for other point-and-shoots, but a work-around for my

Canon G2 is to keep the camera set on the single shot auto

focus mode and depress the shutter release part way until the

focus indicater shows it's locked onto focus. Then just wait until

the right moment, press the release completely, and no shutter



There is also a pre-focus mode on the G2 that's only usable at

the wide-angle setting that eliminates the delay from waiting for

the camera to lock-in focus.


But these cameras are never going to focus and shoot as fast as

a d-slr.

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Shutter lag - Or "S'lag!!!!" as I call it !


I bought a Digital Sony DSC-P9 as a point and shoot to complement my SLR a year or so ago. I get soooooo annoyed with its shutter lag. Its worse in low light, where sometimes, Im waiting up to 2 seconds for it to take the photo - usualy the moment has passed.


I more recently bought a Canon 10D - this behaves just like a Film EOS - as good as no shutter lag what so ever - if there is, then it must only be milliseconds...

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