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Canon D60 losing images

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I recently bought a used D60 and have had 2 occurrences of the

camera 'losing' images. The camera shoots fine, then suddenly

reports that it has vastly more frames available than it had before,

in fact more than would fit on the card in the camera. It continues

to shoot, but if I remove and reinstall the card the camera reports

no images. On my pc, the card appears empty apart from the CANONMSC

folder, but the available space suggests space has been used.


I tried a couple of undelete utilities that only found files that I

had shot weeks ago, suggesting to me that the 'lost' files were

never actually written to the card in the first place. This has

happened with 2 different cards.


Has anyone experienced this problem? Any suggestions? I am rapidly

losing faith in this otherwise great camera....

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Can't say that I have had the same problem but I did recently lose some images and

had to purchase a few undelete programs before I found one that could recover all of

my images. The are not all the same an it is best to get one for the type of media you

are using.


What I have learned is that you should not delete the images or format

the disk from the computer. Always delete the images from the camera and then

format the card on the camera. Last suggestion that i was given was do not delete

selected images to free up disk space, you should fill the card or download the

images and then delete all photos from the camera.

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Thanks Ed,


That sounds like good advice. I must admit I was tending to move my images off the CF card(s) via a card reader and not necessarily re-format the cards after returning them to the camera. I have also been using selective delete in the camera itself, so I'll try your suggestions to see if that improves the situation. Have also just cleaned the inside of the CF card compartment with an air spray in case I was getting dirty connections to the cards.


I am loath to send the camera to a Canon service centre until I can get more of a feel for what might be wrong - this phenomenon is intermittent so I can imagine what the response might be!

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