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Adapting 52mm filters to Coolpix 4500?

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Hi guys,


I just bought a CoolPix 4500 as a second camera (my main kit includes an F4s with

several lenses). I was wondering if it would be possible to adapt my main set of

52mm lenses to the CoolPix? I know I can find a step-down ring, but the question is

whether or not the fairly large filters will block something or possibly prevent proper

movement of the camera. I would prefer to find out before I shell out $30 for a good

step-down ring!


(And, as a side question, if you use a colored filter meant for B&W on a digital camera

and later desat the picture in Photoshop, does it have the same effect as it has on

B&W film?)


Thanks, everyone!



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I don't have that camera available right now, but take the camera, put the filter in front of the lens and see if it block any of those important "windows" and how turning the lens part is affected. My guess is there shouldn't be any serious problems, the optical viewfinder could be blocked, but you can always use the LCD. It will probably block flash, though, so you can't use flash when using the 52 mm filter.


Instead of using a BW contrast filter on the camera, you could shoot color and then use the channel mixer in Photoshop to bring out a similar BW picture as you had used a filter (there might be slight differences, but I don't think they'll matter for "general" photography.) But if you want to use the filter (eg. in case you use a very strong filter requiring considerable exposure adjustment), there should be no problems.

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Thanks, Oskar. I think I may just stick with the channel mixer in Photoshop. I just

have to gain more experience with it, I guess! :) The filters seem too bulky on the

CoolPix, now that I've tried it out as you suggested (why I didn't think of that, I have

no idea).

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Tha channel mixer (and Photoshop) is a great tool, but it requires practice and developing your visualization so that when you take a picture you know exactly how you want it to look and how to accomplish that. But I'm sure you'll learn a great deal in the process, good luck!
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I also have the CP4500 and have been using it with a filter step ring to 52 mm and an additional step ring from 52 to 55mm. I see no sign of vignetting. The set up does partially block the optical view finder. $30 seems quite steep. I bought a presumibly low grade but metal 28 to 52mm step ring from Penn Photo for $6.99. It is great to be able to use my existing filters.
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