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Compact flash question

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Hi all,




I just got my 10d and what a marvelous camera it is and as a starting

point to switch from film to digital there's no other way better than

this, offcourse IMHO. Anyway I got mine with lexar 512mb CF card but

I found that instead 512 it is only 488mb and I tried to reformat

again after I tried to shoot some pics with RAW, it is still showing

488mb storage available, and it is only 16kb used, so is this normal

guys? thanks and happy shooting!





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Are you using the in camera formatting or the File Viewer formatting?


when I first got my cards (Sandisk Ultra) the in camera formatting only gave me about 240megs out of 256megs, but when I formatted it using the File Viewer tools, It gave me about 250megs. Not sure why this happened, it just did with both cards.

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The "problem" is probably related to the two ways of defining megabytes. A hard drive manufacturer (and probably CF card manufacturers) will state megabytes as 1,000,000 bytes per megabyte. However, a true megabyte is 1,048,576 bytes (it's the binary math). Thus when something is stated in true megabytes, the number is lower than the "advertised" number.
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