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Computer won't read newer memory card

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My friend has a G3. With an older CF card, the computer recognizes

and reads the card when used in a PCMIA (?) card on his desktop.

With a newer CF, it doesn't recognize the card. I have tried the

same newer CF in my computer (a laptop), using Lexar's PC card

adaptor (new), and it works fine. His camera is new (a few months)

as is my PC card adaptor. I think either it is his hardware, namely

the PCMIA card, or a driver for that card. Does the FAT or FAT32

have anything to do with it? (I don't even know what those mean or

if they have any bearing on the issue). Any help is appreciated.

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I believe you can go to the website for the CF brand and download an updated driver for the newer card to work on an older pc/adapter. The site will tell you how to load/install it, if you're not familiar with the process. I've done that with SmartMedia cards for an adapter I've owned for several years. Works like a charm...
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