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Using Nikon Flash on C5050 Continued...Problem.

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When trying to use an external Nikon flash (SB22 and SB25) on an

Olympus C5050 in "A" mode, I can not use it without the on-camera

flash firing also. If I turn off the on-camera flash, the shutter

speed drops to an available light reading. I can use it in full

manual exposure mode, but then I need a meter for outdoor fill.


Anyone know how I can use the Nikon flash with this camera and disarm

the on-camera flash, and get a proper shutter speed reading?


By the way, I put it in "A" mode and covered the on-camera flash with

tape and it worked ok...I'm trying to avoid red-eye.


Am I making any sense?

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I am also having the same problem. The manual says you can change flash mode to "External Flash Only" (Menu->Camera->Flash->External Flash) However, both the camera and my SB26 were still firing.


Maybe it is the problem of non-dedicated flash.

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I think you are correct. I just tried that method and I can get the external flash only to fire using (Drive>Flash Icon>N+Flash Icon) and used it in "A" mode with setting 100ISO. The external flash only fired doing this, but the shutter speed was 2 seconds...the speed did not adjust to the flash. It works in total manual mode which is ok for indoor use but not outdoor fill.
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