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closeup images for the web

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I plan on doing some online reviews for products and I'm looking for

a simple digi camera that can take closeup images.


I was told to look into a canon a60.


I was also advised to stick with the tradional camera mfg as they

have a long standing history for quality products.


Any ideas or comments on the a60? Anything a little less pricey

that will do the job?


The photos are for the web only, and the images will be fairly

small. Similar to ebay type product displays.

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I haven't looked at everything out there, but I selected a Nikon Coolpix 2500 last year to do 'garden documentary' photos. For under $200 now (I paid $300), you get a simple to use camera that will easily shoot something the size of a credit card.


If you're shooting small jewelry (earrings, rings) the 2500 will be struggling.

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