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Your opinion requested!

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Hi, I posted before on a different section on this forum about a

Canon G3 and I got a lot of very useful advice, so I thought I would

ask another question. I was wondering what everyone's opinions on

the Fuji 3800 model digital camera is. Thanks.

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I've also got a Fuji S602. The 3800 is not as capable a camera as the S602. Simply not in the same class, the sensor is different (and lower performing), fewer control options, less resolution on the finder, etc. However, I liked the feel on the 3800 and it was what made me think of considering the S602. But it's pretty much a very good point and shoot. Certainly worth considering if you want the increased zoom range and don't mind evf's. If glasses are needed, the 3800 doesn't have a diopter adjustment (IIRC?).


The G3 is a much more advanced camera. Much more serious about integrating flash (even more so than the S602, btw), advanced control features, optical finder and the really handy swivel finder. I think the G3 and S602 are very complementary, both have features that the other doesn't. The 3800 gives the zoom reach advantage over the G3 also but otherwise the Canon is a better camera. I went with the 602 for the burst and other action mode features. The g3 was my #2 at the time (although there were other cameras that I'd eliminated for budget reasons that I might have chosen over the Fuji).

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