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Canon Battery Charger Power Cords

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I bought the CB-5L for charging of a second battery and it came with

five power cords. I have only been able to identify three (US

grounded, US not grounded, UK/HK) and cannot identify the others.

Does anyone know what power cords come with the changer?


Also, I am wondering about charging batteries in Vietnam, where I

expect to be later this year. Does anyone know what kind of cord can

be used with the Canon charger, if it's not one of the included

ones? (And where to get it.)

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Let me take a guess:


One of the power cords may be for Australia/New Zealand (two flat pins at an angle), one may be for India/South Africa (3 round pins) or one may be for continental Europs (two round pins).


I don't have a clue what's used in Vietnam!

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