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teleconverter for Dimage 7 Hi

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I have recently bought the Minolta Dimage 7Hi. As I do a lot of

action/sports photography (mainly horseback riding competitions), I

would like to know if there is any teleconverter available (1.5x

would already be a good thing, although 2x would be just perfect). I

think lens diameter is 49mm... there is a 49->62mm adaptor

available, so is there any possibility I could use a standard

converter for the lens?


If tere is any, does it have any impact on optical quality, speed



Many thanks for your help (I know it's a lot of questions)



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Conversion lenses that you put in front of you camera's lens have no effect on your maximum f-stop. You may see a slight difference in AF speed, but I doubt it.


As for quality, anything tha you put in front of your lens (filters, conversion lenses, windows, etc) is going to degrade the image some ammount. It's up to you as to if you can live with that ammount.

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I don't believe Minolta recommends any converter lenses for use on this and the lens construction isn't amenable to an external tube mount to support a converter external to the telescoping lens. (I suppose a crack machinist could cobble something up to bracket/support a tube/lens but don't know of an adapter already available.)
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There are a couple teleconverters from "Kenko" that match this camera. Have a look at their site:




KUT-300HI is a X3 teleconverter, and KVC-20 is X2. Originally they are meant for video cameras, but they have quite a few adapters that - 49mm specifically.


They cause a little chromatic abarrations whenever there are areas with high contrast, and they even crop the picture a little, which you can live with if you do a little cropping on your own, or use the digital zoom of the camera.


Hope this helped...<div>005ZnQ-13729384.jpg.c94e4ab7942830964bd3680856fc9179.jpg</div>

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