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Is the Fuji S602 PRO sold in the USA?

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I live in a rural area in the USA and have no camera shops to go to

check, but I read somewhere online that Fuji is not selling the Fuji

S602 PRO in the USA can anyone confirm this? Also can anyone share

their experiences and comments about this camera?



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Dunno, but what I can read in the docs here, it adds only a threaded cable release socket and PC socket. Other than that they include 4 Ni-MH AA batteries, a charger and a 512Mb microdrive. Unless you actualy want the first two, don't bother. The MicroDrive and the batteries and charger are good value, though.
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The other other difference is the colour. The pro is all black and the standard model is black and grey! If you need a cable release then you can buy adaptors which fit over the shutter button. I am very happy with my s602z (Pro as it happens, but the cameras are basically identical) as are lots of others at www.dpreview.com. The camera is very capable and it would take far too long to go into the details about it here. I suggest you check the reviews at the website I mentioned above, and then get to a camera shop and play with one.


Steve Coburn

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