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OT: Is it just me or is this forum s..l..o..w?

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Well it might just be me, but I'm finding it takes longer and longer

just to open this forum and read a question, let alone post a

reply. My computer tells me I am connected at 49,333bps.

Sometimes only half a post shows up. Has anyone else

experienced this? is it my ISP? Should I get high-speed Internet

access (at twice the cost it hardly seems worth it just to read


Other sites also seem slow (eg photographyreview.com). Others

are fine. I'm perplexed!

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Yes, the entire photonet site has been slowing down drastically over the last few months. It's getting quite frustrating. Part of it is the fault of the advertisements, but there's no telling where the rest of the delays are coming from. On rare occasions, I also only get partial threads, though this is likely the fault of the delays as well, as many browsers will time out and give up after a point. It's probably not the fault of your ISP, and cable, etc., won't help a bit when its the site that's to blame. Here's hoping that things improve, though I'm not optimistic. Cheers.
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I've cable, and there are times when it seems to takes eternity after clicking on any question in any forum for it to come up. So much so I've shut down the computer and actually done some photography.


All this with turning off the java script allowing the opening of unrequested windows in Mozilla/Netscape Navigator.

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<i>"Other sites also seem slow (eg photographyreview.com). Others are fine. I'm perplexed!"</i>><p>

This could also be your geo-net-location. There may be some huge downloads taking place somewhere which causes an occasional slowdown or bottleneck. The same thing happens to me up here in Alaska where there aren't that many "pipes" in and out of this place.

Backups? We don’t need no stinking ba #.’  _ ,    J

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It seems it could be various factors - I�ll wait and see how the

Internet behaves for the time being. I am in Christchurch, NZ, so

the location could make a difference, as with Tony in Alaska. And

yes, Ray, it is a dial-up but the intriguing thing is it has got slower

over the last few months. Perhaps highspeed would be

worthwhile - I'm not sure though. How many others are on it?

In the meantime, I took the advice to go and take pictures and

went with my wife Alex, and M3, and explored the mountains of

near Arthurs Pass, South Island, New Zealand. Great views,

and nary a laptop in sight!

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You're absolutely right about the value of getting away from the computer screen and experiencing life without it, for sure. But if you do like to use the net much you should consider the investment in DSL or cable. My own experience with dial up may be worse than others- it caused my computer to crash often, I'd lose the connection, have to try 2 or 3 times or more to reconnect, etc.... In short it was an extremely frustrating and time wasting situation. With DSL I still experience occasional slow downs or down times, but they're very very insignificant in comparison, and I'd never go back to what seems a primitive and really unuseable system just to save a few bucks... If you're only online a couple hours a week then maybe it's a different story.

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