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Rolleiflex Focusing / Slight Problem

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I just got some negatives back from the lab today, from my Rollei 3.5 F Planar.

In a couple of portraits, the face is very slightly out of focus. [See pic below — I think the aperture was maybe 5.6 or 8.0. The logo on her jacket is perfectly in focus.].

This camera was away at the repairers a couple of months ago for a CLA.

When I got it back, I did a quick focus check as best I could — with some tissue paper — which looked okay.

Anyway, do I need to do a more thorough focus test, or do I need a diopter (I wear prescription glasses of -1.50), or should I use a chimney finder for better magnification of the focus screen?

I have a Hasselblad chimney finder plus a 3D printed adapter for the Rollei, which is a good setup but it makes the camera a bit unwieldy, plus you can't hold the camera at waist-level to get a better view for composing.

Thanks for your opinion.


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