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Ilford Sportsmaster shutter fail


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Frankly, I think it's best to keep it as a display item, the auto exposure mechanism must be rather complex. I've got a broken one somewhere. As I recall, the four buttons are for different focus distances. the user having to remember which one to press for landscapes, groups, portraits etc. Probably the last thing I would take to photograph sport. It was made for ilford by Dacora in Germany.

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Very Many thanks John, am inclined to agree but as it worked ok for about half a dozen shots, I am just wondering if there was something simple I could do to revive it. Certainly it's an interesting display item :  and it wasn't at all cheap ...when made in 1961 it cost £29 : equivalent to some £649 in today's money, which would equate to 40 weeks average weekly wage back then !

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