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David Odess passed away...

Gus Lazzari

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Very sad news indeed, so sorry to hear it.

David did a few jobs for me--and I was always very happy with the quality and highly reasonable speed every time. His prices weren't the cheapest--but, considering you had someone who really knew what they were doing working on your gear, and who was going to be thorough and stand behind it, they were certainly just and worth paying.

The nicest thing about David was that if you ever needed help or advice on fixing a problem yourself--or if you did indeed need to send it to him--he was always a phone call or e-mail away. He'd recommend everything possible for you to try--patiently and thoroughly--to see if a problem could be fixed at your end first rather than having to send it to him. 

It's sad we've all lost someone whom we could rely on to keep our beloved old Hasselblads working. And even more, someone who *loved* that work, and had dedicated himself to being as good and reliable at it as possible, and to serving his customers faithfully and well, for decades. My condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones, who have even more reason than us to mourn his passing.

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